Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My friend Renna mentioned she liked my playlist and was planning on keeping it open to enjoy. I do this same thing throughout the day, and have some favorites.

Here's one of my favorites: Nature Notes from Above I love listening to the sounds of nature while looking through all the creative ways to share nature study with your kids, or just while I'm reading through my e-mails. I no longer have young kids, but when I was homeschooling we did lots of field studies, and schooled outside whenever we could.

I still keep a nature notebook and enjoy sketching, and making notes of birds, trees and flowers. This blog's playlist is inspiring.

Share some of your favorite playlist sites.

Edit: I just had both Nature Notes from Above and my playlists going at the same time, and it was pleasant, an outdoor concert if you will. Louis Armstrong with bird sounds in the background was interesting.


Renna said...

That is a great site, Dana! As I'm sure you know, it's right up my alley, both the background "music" and the site's content, as well. :-)

MSM said...

I love the birds on the linked website, but I didn't visit it first......

Paul Potts was playing when I checked in on your blog; I was mesmerized and have now been on google, youtube, and itunes finding out more about him.

I am going to be putting some of his music on my ipod tomorrow!

Thanks for the new music : )