Monday, October 20, 2008


This past Friday night several hundred women gathered at my church to listen to Carolyn Mahaney give us some biblical tips on beauty. If you'd like to listen to the message, check it out here: Beauty.

Carolyn is the wife of our former senior pastor, C.J. Mahaney. C.J. is now leading Soverign Grace Ministries in supporting and planting local churches. Four years ago he handed over the reigns to Josh Harris. Our family has benefited from his teaching and leadership, and are grateful to be in this church.

I recommend Carolyn's books some of which were co-written with her married daughters. If you have a daughter I'd recommend this one:
Girl Talk. Read it first to yourself and then along with your daughter aged pre-teen through young adult. I recommend you read it first, so you can judge what's appropriate or helpful for your mother/daugther relationship.

Many free resources of downloads, PDFs and MP3s from Carolyn's talks directed toward womanhood are here: Womanhood resources.


Renna said...

In the coming days, as I have some free time, I will check out those links, Dana. I'm very intrigued!

I love the songs on your playlist. I think I'll have to leave a browser window open to your blog awhile so I can listen to the rest of the songs. Right now, I'm swooning to the velvety voice of Michael Buble'. ;-Þ

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I love the Mahaney's!! I'll bet it was a fantastic time. :o)

Steve said...
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Anonymous said...

My daughter, Jessica and I are reading this together! We are loving it!