Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things in My House Thursday

This is my first time participating in Things in My House Thursday. Here's the link if you want to see some fun things others have posted and join in the fun at MommySweetMom

In case you're wondering I love flowers, plants, gardening, anything that grows. Today I'm sharing my orchid plant which was given to me last year by my sweet husband. It was in full bloom when he gave it to me and gradually lost all it's lovely blossoms. I was determined to do all I could to make it rebloom, and alas it's in bloom again. Whooo-Hooo! I've tried orchids before and never had succeeded in reblooms. For me, it's like having a new puppy, or a baby. It's been sitting on the edge of my tub in the bathroom, but I've moved it to the mantle so I can enjoy it every minute.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My ever-lovin' bird-lovin' husband

My husband is a wonderful man in many ways. Over the past five or six years we've shared a hobby together which has been a neat way for us to connect, spend time together, and has enhanced our communication. We're birders, who love to challenge ourselves with identification of birds in our local parks, our backyard, and bodies of water. We enjoy documenting the birds in life lists, yearly lists, and even a county list.

BLH (Bird-lovin' husband) is an early riser and has even drug me into his obsessive quiet morning time of walking in the woods before the dawn. I love it once I'm out there, I just don't love leaving my luscious pillow and cozy bed in the morning. My intentions in the evening are admirable when he asks if I'd like to walk in the morning, yet my age and hormonal sleep patterns sometime dash those intentions.

This morning we headed out before dawn to a local park and saw deer, hawks, cardinals, a beautiful formation of Canada geese, and even saw a couple of fox sparring up on their hind legs. We guessed it was foreplay between a male and female since there tusseling lacked actual agression. Later when we parked ourselves on a picnic bench for some prayer time and Bible study we saw a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, tons of Bluejays, some Red-bellied Woodpeckers, and more deer skirting through the daylight.

Here's my husband's blog appropriately entitled Quiet Time.
Thank you Lord, for faithful husbands who love you, your creation, and are patient with wives who aren't necessarily morning people.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another giveaway

A Pumpkin Penny Rug Giveaway
Ginger of Primitives by the Light of the Moon has created a lovely pumpkin penny rug that she'll be giving away in exchange for a fond childhood memory. You'll find yourself smiling while reading all the sweet memories posted there. ...

Another anniversary

My online friend Marilyn over at A Mixed Bouquet is having a giveaway to celebrate her first Blogiversary. Marilyn is one of those amazing women who seems to make life look easy, although she doesn't do it on her own, but leans on the Lord for strength, courage, wisdom and grace. Her giveaway will musically encourage you to do the same. Go visit and enter the contest.

The secret's out

I haven't told anyone in my cyber world, but I have a new job. I'm working part-time in a floral shop which looks more like a gift shop or museum than your average florist. It's a new store in a new area which is rather hoity-toity. This job found me through a friend who thought of me when she spoke with the owner about the person they were looking for. This friend is a Christian and she has a desire to bring light into darkness in our community also. I help the designer in the store by preparing flowers which come in from vendors, take orders, keep the displays looking fresh, clean containers for new arrangements, and also design a few things myself.

These photos show some cubes I designed. Photos one, three and four were cube arrangements to have on hand in the cooler for walk-ins, but number two was designed from a request. A woman came in requesting something with pussy willow, not too big, long-lasting flowers, and wanting to spend around $40.00. This order came in while I was working alone, so of course, I panicked inside and worked like mad on the outside to produce something in thirty minutes. The woman loved it when she came back to pick it up.
Whew! Talk about pressure. I'll borrow Candace Olsen's title of her HGTV show in describing it as a "Divine Design." ;-)
This piece seemed fallish to me with the multi-colored spikey leaves, and pinkish orange carnations and sedum. The showcase flower in this piece is a Star of Bethlehem.

I'll post more as I make more. I don't always get to take photos of the pieces I design, as some are just wrapped mixed bouquets for walk-ins.

I love my new job as it feeds my creativity, and my desire to learn new skills.
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

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I'm glad I did

Twenty-eight years ago today I said "I do" and I still love, honor, and cherish this man. Tonight we'll celebrate by having dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House.
I love you and am so thankful I married you!
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More of Charlie

The below picture is actually a movie from my digital camera, but I'm not sure it will play. Try clicking on the bottom left corner where you see the little movie icon.
Here Charlie is playing the Celtic drum called a Bodhran.
Here's my Irish husband in the foreground, and our good friends John and Judie who came along with us for the evening.
Charlie has a smooth as silk voice, and is a very approachable down-to-earth performer.
These were reenactors from Jerusalem Mill enjoying the perfect low-humidity evening. A perfect end to a Sabbath. Thank you Lord, for music, for rest, for friends and family, and for giving us the ability to Glorify YOU and enjoy you forever through your creation.
Westminster Shorter Catechism Question #1:
What is the chief end of man? To glorify God and enjoy him forever.
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The Perfect Sunday evening

After worshipping at the dearest place on earth, we came home to do a few things to prepare for our evening activity. We packed dinner and headed to Jerusalem Mill, an historic village located in Harford County, Maryland to hear one of our favorite performers of Celtic, folk, and traditional hymns; Charlie Zahm. I first heard of him through Franklin Springs Family Media. I purchased some DVD's for Christmas gifts and decided by the description of Charlie Zahm's music, this would be a perfect gift for my husband, who's Irish and loves traditional hymns, and folk music. We've been watching his schedule and waiting for him to come to a venue close enough for us to attend.

Here are photos of the performance along with fiddle player Tad Marks whose a local man living very close to us. Yes, Tad does look like Tevye, and he even broke out in a short note or two of If I Were a Rich Man when it was mentioned.
My favorite daughter, don't worry she's the only one I have, came along and enjoyed the picnic dinner and music while working on her Psych. homework.

I worked on my granny squares while listening.
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Have you guys seen this house? My, my, I could take a long nap and dream of living here for a short time. I'm afraid I'd miss my garden, the moutains, wide open spaces, etc. if I lived here year round, but think I could vacation here for a week or two.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My NEW Open Nest

Bear with me as I get used to my new blogging home.
Here are some photos for you to enjoy entitled Signs of Summer's End.