Monday, September 22, 2008

The secret's out

I haven't told anyone in my cyber world, but I have a new job. I'm working part-time in a floral shop which looks more like a gift shop or museum than your average florist. It's a new store in a new area which is rather hoity-toity. This job found me through a friend who thought of me when she spoke with the owner about the person they were looking for. This friend is a Christian and she has a desire to bring light into darkness in our community also. I help the designer in the store by preparing flowers which come in from vendors, take orders, keep the displays looking fresh, clean containers for new arrangements, and also design a few things myself.

These photos show some cubes I designed. Photos one, three and four were cube arrangements to have on hand in the cooler for walk-ins, but number two was designed from a request. A woman came in requesting something with pussy willow, not too big, long-lasting flowers, and wanting to spend around $40.00. This order came in while I was working alone, so of course, I panicked inside and worked like mad on the outside to produce something in thirty minutes. The woman loved it when she came back to pick it up.
Whew! Talk about pressure. I'll borrow Candace Olsen's title of her HGTV show in describing it as a "Divine Design." ;-)
This piece seemed fallish to me with the multi-colored spikey leaves, and pinkish orange carnations and sedum. The showcase flower in this piece is a Star of Bethlehem.

I'll post more as I make more. I don't always get to take photos of the pieces I design, as some are just wrapped mixed bouquets for walk-ins.

I love my new job as it feeds my creativity, and my desire to learn new skills.
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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You do beautiful work! Brooklyn's mom works in a flower shop and my mom used to own one. :o)

Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

I missed this yesterday, Dana! What a gorgeous shop! You really did a great job designing. I'm sure you are enjoying yourself, too!