Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vintage wedding

March and April were busy months for DellaBlooms and Gifts and I want to share some of the details about the events I flowered. Back in January or February I spoke with a lovely young woman I've known for many years about her dreams for her wedding day. She came with her mother one cold afternoon for tea and scones to look at flowers and talk about the future wedding in March.

When I say she's lovely.... I mean it in every way. She's intelligent, creative, delicate, polite, sincere, feminine and loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Yep, lovely describes her to a T and I was not surprised she was drawn to a soft palate of muted colors including mauve, sage green, and teal and loved texture. Right up my alley.

My photos don't do the flowers or the event justice. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos taken by the very talented photographer, Rebekah J. Murray.
Cake Credit: SugarBakers Cakes

Her ideas for the reception tables were to honor the families of both bride and groom by framing old photos and displaying them amongst vintage memorbilia and milk glass vases of flowers of the day. Again, all the things I love.
One afternoon in early spring she came to my house so I could show her some of my vintage loverlies like my grandmother's hats, a child-sized sewing machine, an old typewriter, and a slew of embroidered hankies. I wanted her to eliminate all she did not want to use, but there was nothing eliminated. She wanted to use it all along with some things she'd also collected.

Photo credit above: Jenna Cole

So, not only did I already think she was a lovely young woman whom I'd known since she was a teen, but now she loved the things I loved and wanted to use them in her wedding. This on top of allowing me to do her flowers was almost too much. Gosh I love my job.
Congratulations Michelle and Dan! Thanks for letting me be part of your special day.

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

How beautiful! Your ideas are amazing! I have a feeling it will be copied by many who stumble upon your blog post.