Friday, November 14, 2008

Wow! Amy over at A Redeemed Sheep awarded me and along with four other swappie friends this award. How sweet of her to do this. Amy is a kindred spirit, and willing to share her heart, her triumphs, and struggles. She's all about keepin' it real, and I appreciate this about her. Thanks, Amy.
Now, let's see the five folks I'd like to pass this award to .... hmmmm..... these are some of my favorite bloggers.
Michael at Quiet Time
Now for the rules of this award. Yes, you need to pass it on.
-Each Superior Scribbler must pass this onto five of their most-deserving blog friends.
-Each SS must link to the name and blog address of whom the award came from.
-Display the award on your blog and link to The Scholastic Scholar, explaining the Superior Scribbler award.
-Visit the above post and sign your name to the Mr. Linky linky-thingy.
-Least but not least post the rules of the award on your blog.
So, go have fun and think of five friends whom you believe to be superior scribblers.

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Renna said...

Aw, Dana, I feel so honored. :-)